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  • HSD Photography Backdrops Grand Opening!

    HSD Backdrops was originally set to launch 2 years ago! Can you believe we've been holding this excitement in for two years? We found out we would be welcoming a precious baby boy in the summer of 2012 so the launch date was pushed back. Just after our little guy was born we decided we wanted to move from Southern California to Idaho. My dream of leaving the big city for a small country town was finally going to come true. Starting a business and then shutting it down to move was not an option so again, HSD Backdrops was put on hold. Our home in California sold quickly and we were homeless for four months, while we waited for our home in Idaho to be finished. We decided it was the perfect time to fulfill another life long dream, traveling cross country! We borrowed my parents travel trailer, got on the freeway with no route planned and just went were the wind blew us. I've always been a gypsy at heart, taking advantage of any chance I got to travel. I didn't even care where, as long as it was out of Southern California and I could look out and see wide open spaces. Now you may think we're a little crazy, traveling with 3 children (1, 4 and 12 years old) in an 18 foot travel trailer, but it was the most amazing and memorable time of our lives. We knew our little guy (who turned one on the road, in Pennsylvania) would not remember this wonderful adventure, so we tried to get a photo of him in front of as many monuments and national parks as possible, in what we called "the baby backpack photos". I'm expecting many of these photos to make it in my children's wedding slide show one day!

    Here we are two years later, all settled in and ready to go! We hope you love our backdrops and welcome any ideas of backdrops you would like to see!
    We want to thank all of our awesome customers for your support and helping Hazy Skies Designs grow!

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