Summer Mini Session Templates + Mini Session Tips

Mini Sessions can be rewarding and profitable, if you have the right planning and organization. Mini sessions are a win-win for you and your clients. You'll be able to generate profits by scheduling many back-to-back sessions in a single day and you'll also have the build your portfolio. Your clients will enjoy the opportunity to get quality photographs at prices well below what they would usually expect to pay. Here a few tips to help you host a successful mini session: 

1.  Your mini session will not be successful without a good marketing campaign. Promote your mini sessions on you blog and social media sites with one of our easy to customize mini session templates. Don't forget to tag clients on your Facebook page, which will allow their friends and family to see your post. 

2.  Be sure to stress in your marketing material that you have a limited number of spaces available. A sense of urgency will encourage clients to sign up sooner rather than later.

3.  It's best to schedule all of you mini sessions one after another on the same day. Allow a maximum of 30 minutes per session.

4.  Arrange the mini session around a particular theme (Valentine's Day mini session, Easter, etc). Keeping it to one theme will help keep things simple for you and allow you to shoot more quickly. 

5.  Ask clients to arrive 10 minutes early so you do not fall behind schedule. 

6.  Don't shoot too many photos. If you take too many images, the process of editing and making proofs will be longer and more difficult. 

7.  Have a few treats on hand to improve children's attitudes. You won't have time to coax little ones into behaving for the camera. 

With the proper planning and preparation, mini sessions are a terrific way to offer your clients wonderful images they'll value and share. You'll have a valuable opportunity to impress new clients who will spread the word about you and return to you again and again. For more tips on hosting a successful mini session check out The Guide to Successful Mini Sessions 

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Summer Mini Session Marketing Template for Photographers

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