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    I have a long list of templates to add and birth announcements were not at the top of my list but this warm weather really made me want to do something with watercolors and flowers. I'm so excited to be able to wear my summer dresses, I want to go outside and roll around in the grass....but I won't because I've seen how many spiders we have in the country. HUGE spiders. I see them scatter as I walk through the grass. My dreams of running around my yard barefoot with my kids quickly faded as soon as Spring came and 5 million spider eggs hatched in my yard. I was the biggest Tom Boy growing up, I would have never of been caught in a dress. Getting older has made me "softer"....and I'm not just talking about my belly. My 5 year old and I had a long conversation about spiders yesterday. Every black spider is a "Black Widow". She saw a "Black Widow" wolf spider yesterday and asked her 1 year old brother to kill it for her. At her age I was putting black widows and other spiders in a bottle to watch them fight. The good 'ol days. My children need to start finding some cheap entertainment like that. Ok, maybe not Black Widows but Daddy Long Legs don't bite. I told my husband that Black Widows eat the male and of coarse my 13 year old daughter chimed in and said "and the babies eat the Mom". I'm going to have to Google that. I've gone from cute watercolor birth announcements to spiders. 

    Anyway, it was really nice to design some card templates again. I've been so busy helping with the backdrop company, I'm happy to be adding more content to Hazy Skies Designs again. The thing I really love about the backdrop company is we are working with other artists as well....painters, other graphic designers...so it's really fun to see the different styles and I feel like a kid in a candy store with each new design. There are some many backdrops that I'm dying to work with! 

    Have a wonderful day and I hope you are enjoying warm weather as well!


     Birth Announcement Template for Photographers - Photoshop Photography Templates www.hazyskiesdesigns.com


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